MAY 13 & 14 ONLY

MAY 13 - Z CAM E2 + Atomos Ninja V

A FORMIDABLE DUO - The Ninja V is the ideal monitor for the E2. Atomos’ state of the art, high brightness HDR screen technology on the Ninja V becomes the ultimate monitoring solution for the incredible Z CAM E2. Compact size, incredible versatility and class leading technologies combined for one of the most exciting duos in recent times!

MAY 14 - Ultimate AtomX Ninja V Pack!

ATOM X NINJA V PACK - Don't miss your chance to score this prize. You could wind a Ninja V, AtomX SDI Module, AtomX SYNC Module, AtomX 5" Accessory Kit, AtomX 10" arm, AtomX 5" Monitor Mount, AtomX Ninja V Cage, AtomX SSD Docking station, AtomX SSD by Angelbird. We're already excited for the person who wins this awesome prize!

We'll be back soon!

Entries have now closed for the May 13 and 14 Prize Draws. Winners announced here soon - if not already listed below . All winners have been notified by email.

WINNERS - Recent prize Draws


May 14. DAY 2 : AtomX Ninja V Pack: Ingmar H. The Netherlands
Thank you Atomos! What a surprise! I am very excited about receiving all this fantastic gear.
I will be using it to supercharge my Nikon Z6!

May 13. DAY 1 : Z Cam E2 + Ninja V: Sherelle, FL USA

May 1. DAY 11 : SHOGUN 7: Francisco, Barcelona SPAIN
As filmmaker and video editor with the Shogun 7 the quality of my footage and workflows will improve, saving me a lot of time and getting the best results in my projects, this is amazing.

Apr 30. DAY 10 : winners name withheld on request

Apr 29. DAY 9 - SUMO 19: Raik, Germany

Apr 28. DAY 8 : winners name withheld on request

Apr 27. DAY 7 :winners name withheld on request

Apr 26. DAY 6 - SHOGUN 7: Petros, London UK
"The Shogun 7 will provide me with an accurate AC/Director's monitor and a reliable recording solution"

Apr 25. DAY 5 - NINJA V: Elsa Rp, FRANCE
"I am the founder of '3 Furies', a filmmaking group based in the French countryside. Being students, we are always short on funding, but we make the most of what we have. Thus, it really means a lot to be able to upgrade to the Ninja V, and have much more control on our visuals!"

Apr 24. DAY 4 - SHOGUN 7: Zack, Brooklyn NY. USA
"This is incredible, thank you so much!!!"

Apr 23. DAY 3 - SHOGUN 7: Robert Seagle, Wilmington NC. USA
"The Shogun 7 will be super helpful for my work! I was going to visit your booth at NAB so this is exciting!"

Apr 22. DAY 2 - NINJA V: winners name withheld on request

Apr 21. DAY 1 - NINJA V: Roshie Jones, Brandon FL. USA
"I’m sooooooo excited!"