Koey with Miew capturing Thailand in ProRes RAW with Z CAM E2 M4 & Atomos Ninja V

Koey and Miew are travel filmmakers from Thailand, a part of their production kit is the Z CAM E2-M4 and Atomos Ninja V where they get to travel light but also bring cinematic imagery along their adventures. 

“This is the first time I have had the chance  to film with a Cinema Camera. In this clip I used the Z Cam E2 M4 with Sirui Anamorphic 50mm F1.8 lens and used the Atomos Ninja V as my monitor and external recorder – recording ProRes RAW 4K 60p for very high quality files, 12Bit color and wide dynamic range. I use the Atomos Ninja V screen to check the exposure using Waveform and focus peaking to ensure the shot is perfect. Atomos Ninja V also has the Desqueeze mode for when i use Anamorphic lens. In this setup I used Desqueeze 1.33x to match the lens. All shot hand held in 4K 60p.”

“This is the first time that I work with ProRes RAW files as well. Workflow with ProRes RAW file management is very easy. I use a PC system and use the latest Adobe Premiere Pro version that the program can enable ProRes Raw files to work very smoothly and perfect.” Koey

My Camera setup

–  Z CAM E2 M4
–  Sirui Anamorphic 50mm F1.8
– Atomos Ninja V

Edit and Color Grade in Premiere Pro 2020.