Underwater cinematographer David Diley shoots ‘Blue Mind’ in ProRes RAW on EVA1 and Atomos

Underwater cinematographer David Diley last year spent a month in Australia, diving with the likes of sand tiger sharks, stingrays and turtles. ‘Blue Mind’ was shot in mixture of 5.7K Apple ProRes RAW and 4K ProRes HQ using a set-up consisting of the Panasonic EVA1, Atomos Shogun Inferno, Angelbird media, Nauticam housings and Sigma Cine lenses.

The resulting film shows the power of the Atomos ecosystem and ProRes RAW recording to capture stunning imagery in the most demanding conditions. Since the film was shot Atomos have launched the newer Shogun 7 HDR monitor-recorder which is the perfect match for the 5.7K RAW output of the EVA1. Not only does it record ProRes RAW and ProRes, it has a 3000nit high brightness HDR display that allows you to see more of the dynamic range that your camera is capturing. Couple that with multi-channel HD switching and recording, plus a complete range of monitoring and playback tools, and you have a powerful companion for any camera system.

Read about David’s shoot in a little more detail here: https://www.panasonicvisualsystems.com/industries/cinema/eva1underwater

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